Hello, Meshnet

Recently events have unfolded that reinforce the importance of our project. The NSA has apparently had access to a number of popular websites for a number of years, despite most proclaiming otherwise. It makes you wonder how we got into this in the first place.

The internet isn’t so decentralized


From certificate authorities to .com domain names, one can argue that the US government, ICANN, and CA’s have overreaching powers on the internet. It is becoming increasingly apparent that this is a problem. How do we fix a problem when the underlying structure is the issue?

We build our own

A decentralized alternative with privacy, security, and scalability as the main features. Imagine you became your own ISP, independent of the existing infrastructure by joining a local meshnet or by overlaying your end-to-end encrypted traffic over the internet (ivp6 over ipv4).

Welcome to the Hyperboria network, where anyone can join by installing cjdns and connecting to existing peers. A few local communitys (meshlocals) have been established in SeattleNYC and Maryland.

Together we can do this.


Change of subreddit focus

From late 2011 to early 2013, /r/darknetplan has been an important part of Project Meshnet. About a year ago we created /r/hyperboria, but until now it never became very active. Although /r/hyperboria has not been active until lately, Hyperboria has been extremely active.

Why are we switching subreddits?

After two years on /r/darknetplan, there has been an immense amount of progress for Project Meshnet, but in order to continue we feel that we must move on to our own subreddit that we can focus on more in depth. Project Meshnet is not a darknet project, which creates confusion when we post our articles and news all over /r/darknetplan.

What does this mean for /r/darknetplan?

Nothing! Although we will probably be posting less in their subreddit and more in our subreddit, nothing is going to happen to /r/darknetplan.


Edit: We were premature with this posting. We apologize for any confusion. The subreddit situation will be clarified in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.


Welcome to our new blog,

Since 2011, we’ve been dedicated to establishing a decentralized, secure and sustainable alternative to the internet. In that time, over 1000 nodes have joined the network we call Hyperboria.

We’re really just getting started.